On the northeast coast of South America, Guyana is the overseas region that has all the assets of an Incentive destination as long as you are looking for an authentic destination off the beaten track.

We will take you through the jungle, through rivers and primary forest, to the history of the conquest of space at the National Center for Space Studies in Kourou.

Ideal period
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from August to November

(from Paris)

9H (arrival in Cayenne)

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7 days / 6 nights

Guyana is nature: more than 80,000 km2 of primary forest.

Overlooking the Atlantic side of South America with paradisiacal beaches, it has above all a fantastic range of activities for incentive trips: culture and sports, in the field of science with the Guyanese Space Center, in Kourou. It is far from mass tourism. You can hold your professional meetings, seminars, reward trips following commercial challenges in unusual places to give a unique dimension to your commercial challenges.

French Amazon

Guyana is a French and European region in South America. The Atlantic coast of the French Amazon is pleasant to live in under the trade winds. Offering some beautiful beaches, it has above all a fantastic range of activities for the traveler: business, cultural and sporting, in the field of science with the Guyanese Space Center, in Kourou.

The incredible Amazon rainforest

Guyana is nature, more than 80,000 km2 of primary forest, but also a coastline with very beautiful beaches and rivers; a protected nature with the largest European National Park.

The incredible diversity of populations

La Guyane est habitée d’une population multiethnique très riche du fait de son histoire. On y trouve des Amérindiens, des Créoles, des Bushinengués, des Hmongs, des Chinois et bien d’autres. Aller à la rencontre de ces ethnies, c’est faire du voyage en Guyane un souvenir inoubliable. Découvertes culinaires, rencontres avec les ethnies vivant sur ces terres : Amérindiens, Noirs-Marrons, Créoles, Hmongs, métros… Son carnaval, temps fort culturel, est unique et peuplé de « touloulous » : chaleur humaine au rythme des «piqués».

The incredible fauna of Guyana

In Guyana, you will meet nature, the real one ... Here, the animals live free and the flora can flourish with peace of mind. In Kaw, in the east of Cayenne or in the west in Native American country, in Awala Yalimapo, Guyana offers you the opportunity to surprise or spy on wildlife with the slightest disturbance.

A true nature reserve, these places are home to one of the last populations of black caimans, whose species is protected, as well as numerous water birds. From the boat weaving through the tall grass, you will admire the white-headed pipras, the small blue herons, the egrets, the ducks, the hoazins, the kingfishers or the jacanas.


Visit the Guyanese Space Center

Guyana was chosen in the 1960s for space activities because of its exceptionally favorable geographical position.

It is possible to visit the Guyanese Space Center, at the very heart of this fantastic adventure, and to meet technicians and personnel working on the base.

Ariane, Soyuz, Vega

The Guyanese Space Center, Europe’s space port, is dedicated to the operational launches of Ariane 5, of which Arianespace is the operator.

It is possible to experience a launch live!

You can experience a live launch of the Ariane, Soyuz or Vega rockets, from close observation sites. Safely.

The Space Museum

It presents a general overview of space activity (its history, the techniques used, etc.), collections of objects and models allowing an understanding of the technology. It also explains the omnipresence of space in our daily life due to satellites, through various media (holorama, lunorama and slideshow, temporary exhibitions).

Over time - sites & museums

Guyana's sites and museums reflect the region, borrowed from histories and sometimes subtle traces ... left there by people from different peoples and cultures. In the Salvation Islands, traces of Amerindian civilization (engraved rocks) and bygone days when the penal colony (vestiges and museum) took possession of the place are combined.

Patchwork - a beautiful ethnic diversity

If a large part of the Guyanese population is Creole, and it manifests with brilliance, joy and good humor its cultural specificity during the carnival, it is also possible to attend beautiful moments of sharing with other ethnic groups, during the Hmong New Year in Cacao, for example, or with the Amerindians during the day of the indigenous peoples, or with the Black-Maroons during the month of marronnage.