for fries and humor in team building!

Brussels is never present where you expect it to be. We think we are visiting a large capital, we discover a city on a human scale. You can find everything there and its opposite, which is precisely what makes it an ideal city for your team-building!

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March to December

(from Paris)


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3 days / 2 nights

Brussels is a city that only reveals itself to those who know how to look at it!
Brussels is one of those cities where you have to be taken by the hand to look beyond appearances. Go for a walk in the Marolles in the morning, walk around Ixelles and Saint-Gilles in search of Art Nouveau facades, discover comic strip facades at random from street corners, get lost in the micro-villages of the pretty wooded suburbs, have a beer in a tavern and take in all the pleasure this city has to offer. Tricky and cheeky, surreal and relaxed, a bit like the mundane silhouette of the little man in the ball hat (Magritte) who was a true subversive artist.

Brussels welcomes the European Institutions, but also foreign representations and many interest groups. There are thus 160 embassies, 1,400 NGOs, 200 representative offices of the various European regions and cities, and more than 20,000 lobbyists (!), Whose activity is considered a real threat according to the European Institutions, yet they also contribute to the big decisions of this world.
It is also an economic crossroads between businessmen around the world and their political counterparts.
So organizing a seminar or a team building makes sense: between seriousness and humor, you are sure to have a sensational result!

Brussels is one hour away from the North Sea and its gigantic beaches, one hour from the forests in the Ardennes, half an hour from Antwerp ... the proximity of this diversity makes it a destination of choice!


Europe quiz in the city with city Segway discovery, a circuit and a challenge to take in this European capital full of the unexpected.

In the footsteps of Magritte, the city of Brussels is full of places where Magritte painted, left a mark of his passage, found his inspiration ... a course to be found during a city challenge!

Learn how to make ... fries in the kingdom of Belgian gastronomy ... chocolate at a great chocolatier or beer in a medieval brewery!

Beer tasting (in moderation)  at the beer academy on the Grand Place

Depending on the season, different activities can be offered ...
A team building that exploits the idea of getting off the beaten track and showing you around Brussels in a different way. With the keys to Brussels, all the doors will open to you!
Principle: the Brotherhood of the Golden Key takes you on an adventure that you will never forget.

Discover the places and comic strip artists that Brussels saw the birth of and which make up the history of certain neighborhoods!

At night:

Dinner in one of the Atomium spheres

Dinner in one of the Horta houses, as in 1920 ...

Culinary workshop with dinner of Belgian dishes made

Casino night