Germany, a nation recognized as an economic model, is no less the repository of historical gems, monuments and museums allied to an authentic thousand-year-old nature. Your team building will find all its substance in the festive life of this country.

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4 days / 3 nights

Germany, the most populous country in Europe, is dotted with 10,000 cities: Berlin the capital, a creative metropolis, but also large and medium-sized cities that are very active culturally and industrially. You will be able to move from the mountains to the banks of the Rhine, passing through extremely typical places. A whole program for your team building!

Germany, the most populous country in Europe, is made up of 10,000 cities: Berlin, the capital, a creative metropolis, but also large cities that are very active culturally and industrially, such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg, Dresden, Munich, Stuttgart and Aachen, each of which has its own identity, both in terms of architecture and culture.

Many small historic towns also remain to be discovered, such as Baden-Baden which combines hydrotherapy and elegance, Heidelberg and Tubingen which combine their wooden and half-timbered houses and their modern and avant-garde universities, without forgetting Khiel and Erfurt, cities of festivals. since the Middle Ages. 

In Germany, nature is very well preserved. In Berlin, there are many parks, in the south, the Alps, the Black Forest and Lake Constance, and the Rhine Valley that runs through the country, not to mention the beaches of the north with their legendary carefree atmosphere. This country is definitely the country of the poets of classical music.

Listen to an organ concert in the sumptuous setting of Cologne Cathedral. Explore the Moselle valley, between Riesling and old stones. Explore Trier, the "Rome of the North". Take a morning stroll through the market stalls in Freiburg. Relaxing on the beach at Lake Constance. Strolling through the fishermen's quarter in Ulm. Discover fabulous castles by following in the footsteps of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. And don't forget, in December, the unmissable Christmas markets. A whole program for your team building.


Rally: the city becomes a playground. In teams, participants have several challenges to complete in order to earn a maximum of points. The different challenges allow to discover a district of the chosen city and to realize creative and surprising activities. The photos taken during the rally are a souvenir of this pleasant moment spent with colleagues.

In Berlin, drive a Trabant, a small car manufactured during the GDR era, to see the main sights of the city. Due to their size, we recommend a maximum of 3 people per car. Each convoy is led by a lead car where your guide is located. His explanations are transmitted by radio in the Trabant.

The Spree river crosses Berlin, its historical center, its lively districts and its green suburbs. A cruise with colleagues that allows you to visit the German capital at a different pace and to discover buildings and spaces invisible from the street.

Beer brewing workshop
In a microbrewery in Berlin or any other city, learn how to make beer. Discover the history and art of beer brewing, the techniques, the ingredients. After this brewing workshop, each participant will leave with two of the beers brewed by the team.

As a team, prepare a typical German meal in the company of a Chef. He leads this workshop and offers seasonal dishes with local ingredients. After the workshop, enjoy your meal and spend a warm moment with colleagues.

Spa in a German spa town: give yourself a few hours of relaxation and invite your team to a spa where they can enjoy a swimming pool, a sauna, a relaxation room and massages and body treatments.
Visit one of the great German automotive sites, test drive cars on a racetrack or discover how an airplane is made at Airbus...

All dining options are possible in Germany. Wherever you are, we will have a chef, an extraordinary place and an unusual festive activity to offer you.